Digital geological and reservoir simulation toolbox

OIS Terra

Optimize oil and gas recovery with OIS Terra

Production of hydrocarbons is a capital-intensive process, which makes oil and gas companies maximize field recovery while minimizing costs.

Geological and reservoir models are primary source of information for this task, as they allow localizing residual oil and gas reserves and plan optimum activities for their extraction.

OIS Terra is a digital platform that includes a next-generation reservoir simulator and a full suite of geological and reservoir modeling tools, combined to maximize the convenience of working in a single graphic interface.



productivity increase for geological modeling and reservoir simulation


efficiency improvement for all major stimulation activities: drilling, water flooding, completion management, hydraulic fracturing, etc.

Achieved through

  •  High performance parallel computations
  •  Automated routines for data preparation and simulation results analysis
  • Simulation results made available to a wide range of company experts

Reservoir Simulation

Fully parallel next-gen reservoir simulator

Build high-quality detailed models with hundreds of millions of grid blocks thanks to high calculation speed achieved through effective parallel computations.

Account for all major physical effects in place during the field development: dissolved gas liberation and condensate dropout as the pressure goes down, dual porosity reservoirs, faults, multiple areas with different reservoir and fluid properties, variable water salinity, local grid refinement, precise equations for fluid inflow to hydraulic fractures, and so on. Model validity is confirmed by SPE tests, as well as comparison with other industrial simulators.

Take advantage of interactive data operation thanks to an advanced GUI optimized to address specific tasks, both in long term planning and well activity management.

Robust model based on material balance equation. Automatic conversion of 3D model to material balance model using Voronoi grid


Quick well correlation. Correlation well sections displaying well logs and results of well log analyses, completion data, well paths crossing structural surfaces, and model grid blocks.

Display all geological and production data on the map to create maps of current and accumulated production, reserve estimation maps, drilling programs, etc.

Create an arbitrary number of 3D maps and synchronize their images, including stereoscopic 3D visualization.

Visualize cross sections of 3D model and surfaces with faults, wells with completion and logging data. Build geological cross sections based on log interpretation in order to analyze reservoir geological structure, estimate reserves and for geosteering purposes.

Build structural surfaces and maps of geological parameters, 3D grids and properties, edit polygons, etc.

Save the whole calculation sequence as workflow to be repeated with modified data.

Get maps, correlation well sections, geological cross sections and vertical proportion curve logs ready for printing, create legends and title panels.

OIS UFAM integration

Use OIS Upstream Field Activity Management (OIS UFAM) system to store OIS Terra models and make model data available for integrated analysis and well activity management. The most accurate and valuable data from geological and reservoir models will be accessible to a wide range of experts, from drilling engineers to field office top management.

Create or update your OIS Terra project using the option of data import from OIS UFAM.

Flexible extendibility

Take advantage of extendable architecture to add functions requested by users.

Run software on low-spec office PCs with integrated graphic cards.

Возможность работы на маломощных офисных компьютерах с интегрированной видео картой